Lourdes Archundia holds an MFA from Academia de San Carlos and a BFA from the FAD/UNAM. She lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

Her work has been exhibited in France, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Hungary, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Andorra, Macedonia, Malta, Croatia, Colombia, Uganda, Cambodia, South Korea, China and Japan. Venues include: Maison de l'Unesco (Paris, France); International Gallery of Portrait (Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina); UN Headquarters (NY, USA); XYZ Art Gallery (Beijing, China); Gallery 7 (Tokyo, Japan); Espace Galerie (Morges, Switzerland); Ferencvarosi Gallery, (Budapest, Hungary); Jose M. Velasco Gallery (Mexico City, Mexico).

She was selected for the UNESCO 5th Art Residency (Andorra, 2016); the W-manpower International Arts Festival 16 (Portugal, 2016); the 16 International Portrait Biennial (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015); the Imagining Equality project by Global Fund for Women and International Museum of Women (USA, 2014); the HCM International Exhibition (Hungary, 2012); and was a finalist for the Contemporary Art at HSG Tell (Switzerland, 2014) and the LICC catalogue (UK, 2012-2013), to mention a few.

Archundia uses figurative painting to develop inquisitions far beyond the easy recognition of images. Her body of research over the past 10 years has focused on the inquiry of space. Archundia’s experiences living abroad infused her work on spatial inquiry with issues of identity in a global context. Identity and space now form the conceptual axis of Archundia’s current projects.